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Suggestions for Purchase

Would you like to suggest a book, film, CD or other item for our library to have in stock? Please send us your suggestion!

We are sorry that no suggestions can be made for the following categories:

  • Bestsellers
  • Titles reviewed in the mass media
  • Titles which have not been officially published yet
  • Titles older than 3 years

For budgetary reasons not all suggestions can be taken into account. With its choices the library tries to meet the interests and needs of its users and to have a congruous choice on offer.

In order to make a suggestion, please log in to your library account (account number = number on your library card, password = your birthdate as DDMMYY).

  • Click on "Acquisition Wishes"
  • Choose "Create a new acquisition wish"
  • Fill in the form
  • Confirm by clicking "OK"

You can follow the advance of your suggestion in your account. Within the next two weeks you will receive communication on your suggestion. If it is accepted, the title will be purchased and the new item will be available at the library within the following four to six weeks.


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