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A member subscription to the GGG City Library of Basel Stadtbibliothek Basel – the world at your feet for little money.

Living in

Canton BS, Allschwil, Pratteln, Schönenbuch

Other Domicile

Children up to 15 years old



Teenagers 16-19 years old


Fr. 20.-

Young adults 20-25  years old

Fr. 20.-

Fr. 30.-

Youths  with Colour-Key, STUcard BKB



Adults 26 years and older

Fr. 40.-

Fr. 55.-

E-Books and audioboks online only

Fr. 30.-

Fr. 30.-

Reduced Fees (IV, RAV, EL, Welfare, Familienpass Plus, KulturLegi)

Fr. 20.-

Fr. 30.-

GoldCard (unlimited borrowing)

Fr. 230.-

Fr. 230.-

Single object borrowing (price per media item)

Fr. 3.-

Fr. 5.-

Reduced fees (IV, unemployed, receivers of welfare and support, owner of Familienpass Plus, KulturLegi) need to show a valid official form no more than than 8 weeks old.

We also accept Pro Innerstadt gift certificates for payment.

Borrowing charges

An extra fee of Fr. 3.- will be charged for lending movies and bestsellers. A Fee of Fr. 10.- for lending e-book readers.

Reservation charge

The fee for reserving an item is Fr. 2.-

Overdue charges

The fees for overdue items are as follows:

First written notice (two days after duedate): Fr. 3.-
Second written notice (after another 9 days): Fr. 7.- (a total of Fr. 10.-)
Third written notice (after another 9 days): Fr. 10.- (a total of Fr. 20.-)

Additional fees can be found under List of fees.

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1 August 2014

The libraries will close on Thursday, 31 July, at 17.00 o'clock and will be closed Friday, 1 August 2014.

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