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Our Mission Statement

"Books and more, much more"


We are the public library for the people of Basle.

We - the GGG City Library - are the public library of the City of Basle. In commission of the City government, we run a net of neighborhood libraries and a public reading room. The organization Gesellschaft für das Gute und Gemeinnützige (GGG) (association for a good and charitable Basel) supports the City Library. The GGG elects the “Commission of the GGG City Library", which has the responsibility for the workings of the library. The leadership of the library lies in the hands of the Management as well as the employees.


We are an important information axis in Basle.

We lend books and various other media or have these items available at the rooms of the library: We are an information axis. While the branches cater to the library needs of the neighborhoods, the main library has additional regional tasks. We are active in new developments in information and media areas and in addition to books, we also have CDs, videos, games, CD-ROMs, DVDs, playstations, etc. In addition to our library’s normal reading and working rooms, we also have multimedia computer work spaces and internet stations available.

We offer modern media variety.

We promote the desire to read by developing projects for reading promotion. We give users the possibility to use a collection of modern media items: We are at the pulse of time. We are a modern reserach-center for information under the motto, ”books and more, much more.”

We create provisions for knowledgeable information.

The City Library supplies the people of Basle with literature and is therefore an important agent of culture. For many people the library offers a first encounter with new types of media. The library serves the:

  • Education and further education,
  • Creative use of free time and the promotion of reading ability
  • Providing of culture in the areas of literature and knowledge,
  • And guarantees access to current and every day related information.


The successful collaboration with public institutes, such as schools or educational entities, and also other libraries inland and abroad is another important task for us.


We place our users in the middle of our work.

The users are at the center of our business. Our service is directed at their needs.

We greet them with friendliness and competency.

We are open to their suggestions and criticism.

We are flexible, efficient and innovative.

Our libraries remain easy to take in at a glance for our users.

We promote our employees.

Our personnel identifies completely with the mission of our libraries. All employes have the respective educational background and expand their capabilities with regular internal and external courses, as well as active information exchanges. The personal development of our employees is important to us. We therefore take their interests, knowledge and expertise when distributing their responsibilities. We foster a cooperative management style, with empowerment, responsible, target oriented procedures, with a constructive exchange of ideas in the foreground.


We receive financial support and appreciate our donors.

As a public library, we are a non-profit organization and cannot earn money. Luckily we can count on both a subsidy from the Canton of Basel-Stadt, as well as donations and legacies. A few of the surrounding Townships support us with regular contributions. In order to be able to fullfill our responsibilities well, we attach great importance to a good relationship with our donors.


Basle, June 10th, 2003

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