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Aramsamsam – Books from the beginning onwards

One of the most important accomplishments of our society is the ability to read. Only those who master this can participate in the professional, cultural and political parts of our culture.


At the GGG City Library you can find a large assortment of items geared to the advancement of your children:

  • Special books for parents and pedagogues with language and reading promotion themes.
  • Picture books for children from the age of one year with stories and tangible topics. Read here why small children love books.
  • Rhymes, songs and finger games to advance speaking abilities. Read here why songs and rhymes are particularly important for speaking development.
  • Childen’s songs and stories in books, on CDs and cassettes.
  • Primary readers
  • Items to help get into reading: CD-ROMs with children’s book and playful learning themes, comics, joke books, magazines, etc.

You can find appropriate media items in all our seven libraries in the special area ”book start“ as well as in the “Kids & Fun” section. Even the smallest child can receive their own user ID.

Verse game Aramsamsam

The GGG City Library offers the "Verse game Aramsamsam" monthly in several libraries. Verses, rhymes and songs are wonderful ways to help enter the world of speaking and books.

The national project “Book Start“

The GGG City Library supports the national project “Book Start“, a Swiss-wide project to promote early speech and small children’s first encounter with books. Further information regarding the project can be found under

  • External link to Facebook.

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