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Education/ Internships

Bachelor-Studies "Information Science"


For new employees we turn to the Gymnasiastinnen and Gymnasiasten, who wish to complete the studying for the Bachelor-Study "Information Science" of the HTW Chur (full or part time) or the Bachelor-Study "Specialist HES en information documentaire" from the HEG Geneva (in French or bilingual). Acceptance requires an eidg. Matur with a prerequisite 1 year internship, in a library or a Berufsmatur.

Graduates of the Bachelor Study obtain deep expertise in Information Science and are prepared to take on qualified expert and management functions in business and administration.


The studies are for everyone that has an interest in:

  • Handling all types of media
  • Transmission of contents
  • The organization of information and knowledge
  • The active observation of information


The study is directed on people that value a compact and praxis true study and appreciate the individual guidance of the teaching and assistant personnel.

Further information can be found on the pages of either the HTW Chur or the HEG Genf


We offer the required 1 year internship.

Further information about the internship can be obtained from our Personnel Department, tel. 061 264 11 22.

Applications may be sent to: The GGG City Library of Basle, Personnel Department, Postfach, 4001 Basle


Education as "Professional of Information und Documentation EFZ"


For this, we offer a three year apprenticeship. If an apprenticeship is available, it will be listed on our Homepage (German version -> 'Offene Stellen')


After completing the apprenticeship there is the possibility to continue working in the library or in an archive or in a documentation department. If you like precise and PC work, and if working with a large number of media and enjoying customer contact is important for you, then you have chosen the right education. Further information can be found on the page Informationsplattform zum Beruf Fachfrau/Fachmann Information und Dokumentation EFZ and the page Career Counseling


Requirements: at least 16 years old at the beginning of the apprenticeship. Completed höhere WBS or Sekundar-/Bezirksschule.

Further information regarding apprenticeships can be obtained through our Personnel Department, tel. 061 264 11 22.

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