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Westbühne: She Speaks: Author and Publisher Panel

Westbühne: She Speaks: Author and Publisher Panel

Allschwilerstrasse 90, 4000 Basel

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Four Swiss based SHE authors and the publisher will discuss the writing process, collaborative publishing and celebrating creativity in everyday life through their motto, creative activism.

The SHE Writings group is a collaborative creative platform, bringing together women writers of Indian origin, from more than eleven countries in Europe, Asia and America. The concept began in 2018 with fifteen authors worldwide and has now grown to include more than forty authors in 2023. The SHE writings group is highly prolific, with six published books since 2019. 

Join us to learn about their latest book to be launched in March 2023 on International Women’s Day.

Author Panel: Abhilasha Kumar, Brindarica Bose (also publisher), Nayana Chakrabarti, Regina Sadhu

The SHE authors, publisher, editors and coordinators work voluntarily; book sale profits are entirely donated to support social causes in India and NGOs worldwide. Book sales are cash only.

Follow SHE Writings on Facebook @SHE.Writings; Instagram @she.writingsig

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09.03.2023 19:30 - 21:00