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Catalog on the Internet – First Overview

Our Catalog webOPAC

OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalog, which means it is a publicly accessible computer catalog.

web stands for the internet, which means the catalog is available for you to browse at home via our homepage on the internet. 

The functions of webOPAC

Basically you can search the webOPAC for media and ascertain whether an item is available at the library and if it can be borrowed. If the desired item is already on loan you have the possibility to reserve it. 

You can also create individual media or note lists ("Add to My list") and print, save or e-mail them.

You can also call up the daily updated list of new acquisitions via the webOPAC (Link “What's new“ above right).

In addition, you can call up your account, see your user data, change your password or e-mail and extend the date on items you have borrowed (see the following paragraph).

Basic search

For a basic search there is a field for you to enter your search criteria. This way of searching allows you a first overview of the desired area and is recommended as a beginning for any research. You can enter several search words at the same time, regardless if they are the author’s name, a word from a title, or a specific theme.

The additional search fields allow the possibility to restrict the search to more specific branches of the search, type of media, language, and age group. Click on the gray box with the arrow next to the search field to open a drop down menu. This will show you the individual search criteria. You can combine any of these in the search field.

Advanced search

In the advanced search, there are more available fields with search criteria. Here you can target a search for a specific author, a body of work or group, the title, or in the search field "Subject heading" you can enter a specific keyword to be able to search by theme.

There is also a drop down menu to allow you to set various search criteria. The search fields and search criteria can thus be combined with each other arbitrarily.

Again, there are additional search options available, such as the library branch, type of media item, language and age-group.

Search in a specific Library

Via the two search options Current Branch and Search in Branch you can initiate a search in a specific library. These search options are available in both Basic search and Advanced search.

In the case where you find yourself in the main library searching for media that is only available there you have to check “Bibliothek Zentrum” in both the Current Branch and the Search in Branch fields. If you are in a branch searching for media that is only in a specific branch you need to enter the desired branch in both fields. If you only enter the specific branch in the Current Branch field the system will search all libraries and show results accordingly. However, the branch you chose will be first on the resulting list.

Your personal account

Your account information can be accessed via the link Account or Log on. To do this you must have your user number (see your library card; enter with no spaces between figures). To prevent anyone from using your account, there is a password to it. The password consists of your birth date in 6 digits (DDMMYY). You may also change your password yourself.

If you access your account for the first time, you can change the language from German to English under 'Konto' -> 'Sucheinstellungen' -> 'Sprache' choose English and click 'Speichern'.
Under Account Details you can see an overview of the items you have out on loan as well as your reservations and any open fees.  Here you can also extend the time line on items out on loan if that is possible. Certain items cannot be extended.

Under User Details you will find your personal data and as listed in the library’s databank. Here you can change or enter your password and/or e-mail address. Adding your e-mail address allows the library to reach you more quickly and you benefit from the reminder e-mail service sent a few days before your loan time expires.


You can extend the loan time line singly on every item you have borrowed. With your mouse, click on the text “Renewal of this item is possible” for each desired item.  The next menu will show a new date for you to return the item. Click on the button “confirm”. If you go back to your account information, you will see the new date now appearing in the list. In most cases the extended item is now at the bottom of the list.

Via the option Bulk renewal, above right, you can extend the return date on all the items you have borrowed at once.  In the next menu the new return date will appear next to all borrowed items. Click on the button “confirm”. If you go back to your account information, you will see the new date now appearing in the list.

Please check whether all desired media items have actually been extended!

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The libraries will be closeed on 1 and 2 December 2014 because of the implementation of our new library system. Thank you for your understanding.

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