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Return book boxes

Return possibilities outside opening times

Borrowed items can be returned outside the opening times to all of the GGG City Libraries in Basle, the Public Library Pratteln and the Public and School Library Binningen and further places (see list below). There are however, a few rules to follow when using this service.

Return entry on next working day

As a rule, return book boxes are emptied once a day. If you deposit your items in the return book box on the last possible date, you will most likely receive an overdue notice, because the items might be booked off your account only on the follwing day. Therefore, items held until the last possible date should be returned directly to the library or placed in the return boxes a day before they are due. It goes without saying that items returned via the book boxes must be complete and undamaged. For incomplete returned items an additional 5 Francs will be charged.

In case the return box is overfull, please do not place your items outside the box. You will be liable for any burglary.

Return Book boxes can be found

Avoiding charges for reminders

If you have given us an e-mail address, you will automatically receive a reminder before your items are due. Via Internet you can extend your due date yourself.

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1 May 2015

The libraries will be closed on Monday, 1 May 2017.

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