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Classical music treats for the ears of the GGG City Library clientele

Roughly 8000 CDs from the Music Academy (MAB) – predominantly classical works – can be borrowed by our clients for 2 Francs each.

The catalog of the MAB is connected to the Library Alliance IDS Basel/Berne. For this reason, when searching for MAB CDs, one must always enter the acronym “mab“.  If for example, you are searching for a CD from Mozart with the “Köchelverzeichnisnummer“  (code number) 551, you need to enter into the search field: Mozart kv 551 ton mab

Catalog MAB (IDS Basle/Berne)

When you have located the CD you desire in the catalog, you can fill in the MAB order form, which you will find in both the main library and naturally, at the MAB. Place the completed form and your Library Card on the checkout counter of the MAB-Library, along with the 2 Franc charge and you will receive the desired CD for a period of three work days.

Address of the MAB-Library:

Leonhardstrasse 6, 4051 Basle
Tel. 061 264 57 57

Opening Times:







The MAB-Library is closed during Basel school holidays.

The monthly CD-Tip of the Music Academy.

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