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Purchase suggestions

Do you desire a certain book? You want to suggest to us an important film, an interesting music CD or something else? Then, send us your suggestions!


Before you complete the suggestion form, please pay attention to the following:

  • We do not accept anonymus suggestions.
  • We need as much information as possible regarding your suggestion (author, title, publisher).
  • Note on your suggestion whether it is a DVD-Video, a music CD or a CD-ROM.
  • Please do not send us any suggestions for bestsellers, or titles mentioned in radio, TV or newspapers, etc. These will automatically be purchased.
  • We can only consider suggestions that fit in with our collection and those that are also of interest to other library users.
  • Please do not request presale items. We can only purchase items that are already on the market.
  • There is a set budget amount for purchasing suggested items. We therefore have to make choices. Declining to purchase an item you suggested does not mean we are saying anything about its quality.
  • If we order the media item desired by you, we need to put it through a process of cataloguing etc. This takes between four and six weeks.


You will receive a definitive answer regarding your suggestion, as a rule, in the following two weeks.

Due to organizational reasons, we have to work on each suggestion singly. Therefore, you need to add your address to each suggestion you make.

Do you desire a reply to your suggestion?

How do you wish to be informed by us?

(We will also use your e-mail in future for reserved item pick-up invitations, reminders for book returns, the first overdue notice for past due items)


Please enter the following text (spam protection):
If you cannot read the following text, please press F5 on your keyboard to have a new text pop-up. Attention! Please do not click on "delete", it will erase the entire form.
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1 August 2014

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